Terms of Use:

GreenHashes is an initiative of Spandan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Whenever using any of the Services or Platforms operated by Spandan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. or buying GreenHashes Tokens you are agreeing to all the following conditions.

For the purpose of these terms, Spandan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will be referred to as the “company” & all users of the company’s services shall be
referred to as the “customer”.  Spandan Technologies has built GreenHashes.org and will build ApnaMiner.com & ApnaCarbon.com
These websites operated by Spandan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will be referred to as “website”.

The GreenHashes Token is backed by the Renewables, Carbon Credits & Mining Power. This does not mean that its directly backed by any financial instruments or the value is guaranteed by any financial
Whenever purchasing GreenHashes Tokens the customer assumes all risk that GreenHashes may become worthless in value.
Customers should research & consider all the risks before purchasing any GreenHashes.  The company makes absolutely no guarantee about the future value of the Green Hashes purchased & will never be responsible for any claims for Refunds of any form.
Any mention of the Value of the GreenHashes or the statements about the Future Value that GreenHashes Token might attain are just statements based on basic research and not a guarantee that the value might be achieved or sustained for any period of time.

About Fiat Currency:
Company doesn't sell or has not intention to sell GreenHashes Tokens against any of the Fiat Currencies (e.g. Rupees, Dollars or Euros). Customer agrees to the condition that the GreenHashes will always be priced in Cryptocurrencies.
Company doesn't guarantee any Fiat Value to the GreenHashes Tokens.

Prohibited Investors:
Any customer holding citizenship, permanent residency, or who has been a tax resident in the countries where ICO's, Cryptocurrencies and related Services are prohibited, are all requested not to participate in any activities related to GreenHashes & refrain from using any of the services provided by the company.

Dex Exchange:
Dex is an exchange operated by the Waves Platform and Company has no control over it. Hence any losses due to malfunctioning of Dex Exchange or
problems / bugs in the Waves Platform, Company will not be held responsible.

Other Exchange Platforms:
GreenHashes will be listed on multiple exchanges as the Project gets mature. These exchanges are operated by different Companies / Individuals and Company has no control over the processes. Hence any losses due to malfunctioning of any of the Exchanges or
problems / bugs in their Platform, Company will not be held responsible.

Cryptocurrency address while buying GreenHashes:
While making Cryptocurrencies payment for purchasing the GreenHashes Tokens, Customers should only do so from their own address.
Company will not be responsible for the losses due to sending of Funds from wrong address or to a wrong address by the Customer.

Waves Wallet Services:
Company has made multiple platforms available for direct communication between the Company & Customers. These include social media handles and email addresses.
Customers are requested to communicate with the Company representatives directly and never trust any middlemen who promise to make GreenHashes available at a discounted price or sell GreenHashes at higher prices or promise a position in Company Team for some payment. Company will never be responsible for any kind of losses arising from Customer communicating with people claim to be rightful representatives of the Company.

Waves Wallet Services:
GreenHashes is a Token based on the Waves Platform & the storage of the Tokens service is provided by the Waves Wallet.
Customers are requested to create an Account using Waves Wallet for iOS or Android or Waves Client for the Desktop / Laptop.
The customer is responsible for storing their GreenHashes in the Waves Wallet. Company will not be responsible for any losses of
Tokens due to negligence on account of the Customers in Storing their Seed / Backup Phrase or Login Credentials.

Information Privacy:
Company collects no information of Customer from GreenHashes.org and has no intention to do so in near future. But on other websites: ApnaMiner.com & ApnaCarbon.com Customers will have to complete the processes to confirm the identity and then use those platforms. Company will submit the necessary information to the Government Agencies if requested by the authorities with the Legal Formalities.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML):
Customers are prohibited to utilize their GreenHashes for the purpose for hiding money, in any way attempting to hide the source of funds, or attempting to bypass any of the local & International regulations or restrictions in Finance or Law.
Anyone who is found using our Platforms or Tokens for such purposes will have their accounts restricted or suspended without any notice.

Customer agrees to have all the responsibility about his decision to buy GreenHashes and never hold any entity of the Company or any authorities of the Company, any partners of the Company, any investors or employees or shareholders or directors or managers or suppliers or owners or tie up companies authorities accountable for any kind of loss or any intention of loss or damage or liability or loss of the fees (any legal or regulatory expenses). Customer will not take part in any legal or regulatory proceedings against Company under any circumstances for GreenHashes Tokens, Renwables, Carbon Capture, Reforestation, Carbon Credits, any Products, Websites & any other Platforms operated by the Company or any part of the Websites of the Company or any other Social Media Platforms.

Services in future are not guaranteed:
Spandan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will hold all the rights to make changes to the GreenHashes Tokens, how they are traded, how they are exchanges, our Platforms built for the trading of GreenHashes with Carbon Credits
(ApnaCarbon.com) & Mining Power (ApnaMiner.com) & any other service or platform.
Spandan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can discontinue offering one or more services or all services or platforms to all or some clients depending on the Regulatory & Legal Conditions.

Spandan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will always reserve the right to change these terms at any point of time without a prior notification or notice of the changes being made.