Frequently Asked Questions:

Note: GreenHashes Bounty Program & Airdrop have already ended. If you have any other queries or want to have a new question added in this list of FAQ's, please email us at with a clear subject "FAQ".

1) Where is GreenHashes registered?
A: GreenHashes is an initiative of Kimaya Technologies LLC which is registered in United States of America. We plan to register separate entities for different tasks after the Presale or IEO or ICO depending on clarity of regulations to operate.

2) Which Platform is GreenHashes Token based on?
A: GreenHashes Token is based on Waves Platform.

3) Where can I buy GreenHashes?
A: GreenHashes can be bought on Waves Exchange (earlier it was Dex Exchange inside the Waves Wallet or Waves Client.)

4) What is the total supply of GreenHashes?
A: 300 Million GH

5) When will the IEO be launched?
A: GH IEO will be launched in 2022.

6) Why doesn’t GreenHashes have a Smart Contract?
i) Waves Platform doesn’t support proper Smart Contracts yet.
ii) Since GreenHashes are being sold directly on Waves Exchange there is no need of a Smart Contract for the Crowdsale.

7) What are the soft cap & hard cap for the project?
i) We are working on the Environmental Protection & Conservation of Earth which are the domains where any amount raised can be used to do something good for the nature.
ii) Since we haven’t priced GreenHashes in any Fiat Currency, Cryptocurrencies Prices tend to change drastically over short periods as well & there is no Smart Contract for the Crowdsale we haven’t defined the Soft Cap & Hard Cap precisely. But overall Fundraising goal for the Full Scale Operations is around $400 Million.

8) Why does GreenHashes have such a high Fundraising Goal?
A: GreenHashes is a Research driven project. We are working in the Climate Change Domain which is very demanding. The machinery & technologies used for Carbon Capture & conversion of CO2 to Diamonds or other useful forms like Fuels costs immense amount of Money. Secondly Climate Change is such a grave & gigantic issue that even if the whole world’s GDP is put to use, it might not be sufficient. Our goal is to set an example in front of the Communities & lead them to Sustainable Development.

9) Do you have some special offer for Institutional Investors or Individual Investors with high Investment intentions?
A: Yes. We do offer discounted pricing for the entities who want to invest high amounts in the Project. For discounted pricing, just email us at with a clear subject "Discount" or “Bulk Purchase”.

10) After the IEO / ICO, what will happen to the unsold GreenHashes Tokens if there are any?
A: Unsold GreenHashes Tokens will be kept in Reserve. And they will be available for purchase to the Investors only through direct communications with our Team.

11) Do you have an Airdrop or Bounty Program?
A: GH Airdrop & Bounty Program have both ended.

Note: If you have any queries or want to have a new question added in this list of FAQ's, please email us at with a clear subject "FAQ".