GreenHashes Airdrop has now ended...!

Hello & welcome onboard for GreenHashes Airdrop!

The airdrop is available for participants having completed the Airdrop form & following the rules. Participation is limited to the first 10000 eligible subscribers.
Any suspicion of fraud or multi-account will lead to exclusion from the Airdrop.
GreenHashes Airdrop form is available at:
Tasks for this airdrop are the following:
1) Join GreenHashes on Telegram : 2GH ($5 worth)
2) Follow GreenHashes on Twitter + retweet 2 tweets : 2GH ($5 worth) @greenhashes
3) Like GreenHashes on Facebook + share 2 posts : 2 GH ($5 worth)
If you do all the tasks you can earn 6GH tokens ($15 worth)
Enough time reading this text: register & you're in!
Start typing, your Keyboard is waiting for you!
Note: All the Airdrop Tokens will be sent to the Participants in the month of August 2018.