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HODLing GreenHashes means being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem of Climate Change...!
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2018: We took our First Steps

We first came into the Market in 2018.
Due to the Bear Market, we had to delay the Project until now.

We are launching New WhitePaper Soon...!

We are releasing New WhitePaper Soon...!

IEO Launching Soon...!

We are coming back Stronger...
GreenHashes IEO will be launched soon.
Stay Tuned...!

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation are at the core of the GreenHashes Project.
Finding creative solutions to age old problems is what makes us different. And Converting Pollution to useful, valuable products is the key to this...

Huge Growth Potential

All domains that we are touching through GreenHashes have huge potential for growth: Carbon Credits, Carbon Capture & Utilisation, Cryptocurrencies Mining.
Secondly the products: Graphene, Artificial Diamonds, Carbon Fibre will have exploding demand in the coming decades...

Who Dares Wins

We believe that the journey that we are on has some tough problems to solve like Global Warming. But its on the tough paths, that the highest rewards are achieved...
Here reward will be Sustainable Development...


Reforestation is one of the key goals of our project. This is the step which will help us achieve Negative Emissions & Sustainable Growth along with development of local community successfully.

Responsible Mining with Renewables

Cryptocurrencies Mining with the latest ASIC Miners running on Electricity produced using Renewable Sources. We are committed to Carbon Neutral Mining Operation.

Magic of Negative Emissions

Research & Development in the field of CO2 absorption from ambient air for Negative Emissions.
We intend to work in the CCU- Carbon Capture & Utilisation by converting the captured CO2 to useful & valuable products.

Interested in taking action against Global Warming? HODL GH...

HODLing GreenHashes means making sure that our children & grandchildren have the privilege of having Clean Air to Breathe...!
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Who are we?

We are GreenHashes, an organisation working from India currently, planning multiple locations soon. We are here to solve the problem of Climate Change by taking a totally different approach.
We intend to achieve this through the use of Renewable Energies, Negative Emissions & Reforestation.
We want to work in as many parts of the world as quickly as possible because perfect time for the Climate Change to be taken seriously was in the past. Now we have to expedite our work & achieve our conservation goals as quickly as possible.


What are GreenHashes?

GreenHashes is a Token based on the Blockchain Technology. It is backed by the Carbon Credits that we will create through our Green Initiatives worldwide or simply buy in the Market.
GreenHashes are also backed by our Cryptocurrencies Mining Power. We have built GreenHashes Token on the Waves Platform.

Any individual investing in the GreenHashes can redeem them for a particular quantity of Carbon Credits or Mining Power.

We are conducting a CrowdSale of GreenHashes Tokens, to raise funds for the Mining Hardware, Renewable Energies, Negative Emissions Hardware (Carbon Capture Devices) & Reforestation.

Key difference in other ICO's and us is that the Founders & the Team will not hold on to any Tokens at all. This will give immense security & stability for the Traders of GreenHashes in the Exchanges.

Make a Profit while Making a Difference...!

We at GreenHashes are committed to Conservation of Earth & making move towards Sustainable Development while targeting awesome profits through our products.
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1. Reforestation

We plan to plant trees in the strategic locations such as on borders of desert & fertile land to stop sand from taking over fertile land.
For Reforestation we will build partnerships with the governments, which will provide permissions & other support for plantations. This activity will be one of the biggest Employment generator in the GreenHashes Project. We will train & employ the local citizens in this part of project.
Detailed scientific analysis of the local environment will reveal the local species of plants and need for planting of specific plants in specific quantities and locations. This scientific approach will prove to be very beneficial to the environment and conserve the local species of plants, animals, birds, butterflies & overall flora & fauna in the long run.
Key points of Reforestation will be as follows:
1) Local Breeds of Plants will be used
2) Local Citizens will be given training & employment
3) Overall Balance of Environment will be our focus
4) In depth analysis will always be done before taking any steps
5) Local Governmental Bodies will always be involved in all planning
6) Only when conditions ask, foreign breeds of plants will be planted

2. Responsible Mining with Renewables

We are committed to Responsible Mining. This means we will mine Cryptocurrencies with following key points:
1) Most efficient manner
2) Without prominent Air Conditioning
3) Using Solar Power
4) Design of the Mining Farm will be based on Passive Calling Techniques used in ancient Indian Architecture
5) Direct utilisation of DC Current generated through Solar Panels.
6) High end batteries to store excess electricity during the day which will be utilised during night (non production hours for Solar)
7) Not utilise any electricity from the grid. (Since we can't guarantee clean source of electricity if we use it from grid)
These will makes sure that we don't emit any Pollutants for our Electricity requirements, maintaining a Carbon Neutral Footprint of our Mining Operation.
We are already mining in Pune, India without any use of Air Conditioning Devices.
We will make all the designs & operational details public through our website after successful implementation.

3. Negative Emissions

Negative Emissions means taking out the Pollution from atmosphere. The key pollutant we are focused on is Carbon Dioxide sine its the important cause of Global Warming.
Carbon Capture & Utilisation is the fundamental that interests us and we are going to collect CO2 from Atmosphere and then convert it into one of the following products as we make progress in our Research & Development:
1) Artificial Diamonds
2) Carbon Fibre
3) Graphene
4) Ethanol
5) Methanol
All these products are pretty valuable and we intend to produce them so that GreenHashes project will achieve the important goal of converting Pollution to useful, valuable products.

How to Buy / Trade?

GreenHashes are not available for Trading.
But you can participate in GreenHashes Presale & get great Discounted Price...!

Discounted Price for Bulk Purchase

For Bulk Purchase of GreenHashes we offer at least 10% discount or more depending on the quantity of GreenHashes.
Please contact us using Subject: "Discount" at

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