Building a strong GreenHashes Community...!

GreenHashes Bounty Program:

1) We want to build a superstrong GreenHashes community. So feel free to invite your Crypto Friends to our Telegram Group.

2) We want to Decentralise the ownership of GreenHashes Tokens as much as possible. Hence we will incentivise all your actions by rewarding you 1 GH per person who stays in the group.

3) Everyday GreenHashes Telegram Group Member who invites most of his friends, wins 100 GH. Weekly Winner will get 1000 GH.

4) Just like our Airdrop you simply have to take screenshots of your invites (Captured within our Group) & send them to us on along with your Waves Address.

5) You will receive GH the next day.

6) All members of our Telegram group can participate in this Bounty.

a] Newly added members should be interested in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Climate Change or Green Energies.
b] This program will continue until our ICO ends which is 31st July.
c] Join the group first to participate by using following link: