GreenHashes Presale is Live now!

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HODL GreenHashes to fight Climate Change

HODLing GreenHashes means being part of the solution instead of being part of the problem of Climate Change...! Participate in GreenHashes Presale Now & get Discounted Price.


2018: We took our First Steps

We first came into the Market in 2018.
2022 we are coming back stronger, sharper & Greener......!


New WhitePaper Coming Soon...!

We will release the New WhitePaper in First Half of 2022!


Presale Live & IEO Launching at end of 2022...!

GreenHashes Presale is live &
IEO will be launched by 2022 end.


Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation are at the core of the GreenHashes Project.
We are finding unique solutions to age old problems. We believe Sustainability First approach is the key to this.


  Huge Growth Potential

All domains that we are working on have huge growth potential: Carbon Credits, Carbon Capture & Utilisation, Cryptocurrencies Mining.


Who Dares Wins

We believe that the journey that we are on has some tough problems to solve like Global Warming. But it's on the tough paths, that the highest rewards are achieved.


Reforestation is one of the key goals of our project. We will collaborate with Governments & Local Community to execute this successfully.

Responsible Mining with Renewables

Cryptocurrencies Mining with the latest ASIC Miners running on Electricity produced using Renewable Sources. We are committed to Carbon Neutral Mining Operation.

Magic of Negative Emissions

Research & Development in the field of CO2 absorption from ambient air for Negative Emissions.
We intend to work in the CCU- Carbon Capture & Utilisation by converting the captured CO2 to useful & valuable products.

Interested in taking action against Global Warming? Simply HODL GH...

HODLing GreenHashes means making sure that our children & grandchildren have the privilege of having Clean Air to Breathe. Participate in GreenHashes Presale Now to get Discounted Pricing.

Who are we?

We are GreenHashes, an organisation working from USA currently, planning multiple locations soon. We are here to solve the problem of Climate Change by taking a totally different approach.
We intend to achieve this through the use of Renewable Energies, Negative Emissions & Reforestation.
We want to work in as many parts of the world as quickly as possible because perfect time for the Climate Change to be taken seriously was in the past. Now we have to expedite our work & achieve our conservation goals as quickly as possible.


What are GreenHashes?

GreenHashes is a Token based on the Blockchain Technology.
Each GreenHashes is backed by the Carbon Credits that we will create through our Green Initiatives worldwide.
GreenHashes are also backed by our Cryptocurrencies Mining Power.
We have built GreenHashes Token on the Waves Platform.

Any individual buying the GreenHashes Tokens can redeem them for a particular quantity of Carbon Credits or Mining Power.

We are going to conduct a CrowdSale of GreenHashes Tokens, to raise funds for the Mining Farm, Solar Farm, Carbon Capture Devices & Reforestation activities.

Make a Profit while Making a Difference...!

We at GreenHashes are committed to Conservation of Earth & making move towards Sustainable Development while targeting awesome profits through our products.
Participate in the GreenHashes Presale & get Discounted Price...!

Want to be part of the Community?

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How to Buy / Trade?

GreenHashes are not available for Trading as of now.
But you can participate in GreenHashes Presale & get great Discounted Price...!

Discounted Price for Bulk Purchase

Although we limit the Amount of GreenHashes a Person / Address can buy, we also want to build Strong Partnerships with the Individuals & Organisations that care about the Mother Earth just like we do. So for such special cases, we might allow Bulk Purchase of GreenHashes.
For Bulk Purchase of GreenHashes we offer upto 10% discount depending on the quantity of GreenHashes.
Please contact us to buy GreenHashes in Bulk.