Reforestation is one of the key goals of our project. This is the step which will help us achieve Negative Emissions & Sustainable Growth successfully.

Magic of Negative Emissions

R & D in the CO2 absorption from ambient air for Negative Emissions.
We intend to work in the CCU- Carbon Capture & Utilisation along with CCS- Carbon Capture & Storage.

Responsible Mining with Renewables

Cryptocurrencies Mining with the latest ASIC Miners running on Electricity produced using Renewable Sources.

Who are we?

We are GreenHashes, an organisation working from multiple locations which intends to solve the problem of Climate Change by taking a totally different approach.
We are working on the Conservation of Earth. We intend to achieve this through the use of Renewable Energies, Negative Emissions & Reforestation.
We intend to work in as many parts of the world as quickly as possible because perfect time for the Climate Change to be taken seriously was in the past. Now we have to expedite our work and achieve our conservation goals as quickly as possible.


What are GreenHashes?

GreenHashes is a Token based on the Blockchain Technology which is backed by the Carbon Credits which we will earn through our Green Initiatives worldwide or simply buy in the Market.
GreenHashes are also backed by our Cryptocurrencies Mining Power.

We have built GreenHashes Token on the Waves Platform.

Any individual investing in the GreenHashes can redeem them for a particular quantity of Carbon Credits or Mining Power.

We are conducting a PreSale & then the CrowdSale of GreenHashes Tokens, to raise funds for the Mining Hardware, Renewable Energies, Negative Emissions Hardware & Reforestation.
We are also planning to have an Airdrop soon...

Key difference in other ICO's and us is that the Founders and the Team will not hold on to any Tokens at all. This will give immense security & stability for the Traders of GreenHashes in the Exchanges.

Sounds interesting?

Join us on Telegram to know more about how to invest at this early stage in GreenHashes.